​You Need Passion for Success​

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​Seven days ago, I retired. OK, it was more like semi-retired because here I still am blogging, preparing for a presentation tomorrow to the IIA–Russia annual conference, and mentoring/training a variety of practitioners.

Ever since I announced my plans to retire, people h​ave been congratulating me and asking if I am excited.


For at least the last couple of decades, I have been having fun. My life has been enriched by the many wonderful individuals with whom I have played the games of internal audit, risk management, and more.

Leaving those games, where our teams were generally on the winning side, is not exciting. Perhaps I will have as much fun in this new phase of my life — I certainly hope so! In fact, I hope to remain in the game, if only as a part time player.

I have had passion for the work I am my team, most of whom remain friends, have played at. I am convinced that my passion has contributed to my success.

But I see so many complain about so much. If they really feel that they are laboring at a job, how do they expect to succeed? If they get little satisfaction and enrichment, will they try their best? I doubt it.

Do you play or labor?

How about your team?

I welcome your comments.

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