Writing a Blog Post

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Your Voices

Join the global voices sharing their insights and expertise on InternalAuditor.org.

Add your voice to one of three new blog series:

  • On the Frontlines: Content that examines issues for internal auditors providing day-to-day assurance and advice (non-CAEs, directors, managers).
  • Building a Better Auditor: Content that focuses exclusively on advancing internal auditors’ careers from staff to CAE.
  • IAm + Your Name (e.g., IAm Kelly Smith): Member-supplied content that focuses on the lives of internal auditors at work and at play — putting a face on the “mysterious” internal auditor.

You can write once, or as often as you’d like. There is no requirement to post on a regular basis.

Individual blog posts must meet the following requirements:

  • Post must be between 700 and 800 words. (IAm, 500 to 700 words)
  • Topics should fit under one of the series above.
  • Post must be uniquely written by you and not previously published.
  • Post cannot reference any objectionable content.
  • Post cannot promote any product or service (or self-promote with reference to prior/upcoming speaking engagements, workshops, books, etc.)
  • Post should not include screen captures or graphs/charts.
  • Post should include a short, one-sentence bio at the end.
  • Include a color headshot (plus a candid shot for the IAm blog).

The IIA reserves the right to decline any submission, as well as the right to make any changes to final posts, including title, copy, or hyperlinks.

Send submissions to Anne Millage. Once we receive and approve your submission, we will send you Internal Auditor’s standard copyright form for signature.

We encourage you to share your blog post with your followers/friends on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook either by sharing a link to the post or sharing/retweeting The IIA’s social media promotion of it.

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