​​​What Internal Auditors Can Learn From Pixar, Number 3

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Following is a quote from Ed Catmull's new book Creativity, Inc. To see why I'm quoting it, take a look at Monday's post

"For all the care you put into artistry, visual polish frequently doesn't matter if you are getting the story right."

Boy we spend a lot of time writing audit reports. Boy we spend a lot of time reviewing audit reports. Boy we spend a lot of time rewriting audit reports.

Boy we spend too much time working on audit reports.

And how many times does anyone ever read that sentence on the 15th page that we spent 15 hours getting...just...right.

Look, no one takes a back seat to me in attempting to ensure a report is written correctly. But I also recognize that, at some point, we have to give up and get the information out there. It is much more important to send the message than to ensure pure reporting perfection.

To paraphrase Catmull, for all the care you put in that audit report, perfection frequently doesn't matter if you are getting the issues and solutions right.​

(By the way – I'll go with one exception; get the grammar right. On the other hand, that shouldn't really take all that much time and, if it does, you've got a completely different problem.)​

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