​What Do You Call a Group of...?​

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We've all heard of a herd of cattle, a pride of lions, and a litter of puppies. There's a good chance you've also been exposed to some of the more obscure words used to describe a group of things such as a rafter of turkeys, a murder of crows, or a yoke of oxen. However, exploring the subject it becomes evident that there is a significant gap in the lexicon; there are no words for the groups we work with daily in the internal audit profession. It is time this egregious oversight was rectified. Therefore, I provide for you use and enjoyment a set of col​lective nouns for internal audit.

An assurance of auditors

An exuberance of workpapers

An adequacy of controls

A quibble of details

A cower of auditees

A garble of reports

A bluster of executives

A grovel of fraudsters

A redundancy of consultants

A scourge of risks

A bluff of interviewees

A harrumph of board members

A sufficiency of tests

A fog of responses

​Let me know if you know of some I may have missed.

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