What Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders Look Like?https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/What-Will-Internal-Audits-Future-Leaders-Look-Like.aspxWhat Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders Look Like?<p>There are six characteristics that I believe will be fundamental to those directing internal audit functions by the year 2030.</p>Richard Chambers0
Three Reasons to Know Thyselfhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Three-Reasons-to-Know-Thyself.aspxThree Reasons to Know Thyself<p>​To succeed you have to understand yourself, understand your department, and then understand yourself just a little bit more.</p>Mike Jacka0
Can You Really Learn If You're Not Present?https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Soileau/2018/Pages/Can-You-Really-Learn-If-You're-Not-Present.aspxCan You Really Learn If You're Not Present?<p>Internal auditors owe it to themselves to focus more on training sessions and put aside distractions when they attend conferences.<br></p>Laura Soileau0
Five Tips for Effective Data Visualization in Internal Audithttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Jim-Pelletier/2018/Pages/Five-Tips-for-Effective-Data-Visualization-in-Internal-Audit.aspxFive Tips for Effective Data Visualization in Internal Audit<p>The correct use of graphics can make audit reports more useful for stakeholders. </p>Jim Pelletier0
The Olden Days Aren't That Oldhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/The-Olden-Days-Aren't-That-Old.aspxThe Olden Days Aren't That Old<p>Internal audit has evolved. But not every internal audit department has evolved along with it.​</p>Mike Jacka0
The Value of Taking, Not Avoiding, Riskshttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/The-Value-of-Taking,-Not-Avoiding,-Risks.aspxThe Value of Taking, Not Avoiding, Risks<p>​When was the last time you actually stepped out of your comfort zone to do something new, different, and valuable?</p>Mike Jacka0
5 Reasons People Stay in Toxic Cultureshttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/5-Reasons-People-Stay-in-Toxic-Cultures.aspx5 Reasons People Stay in Toxic Cultures<p>​Some well-intentioned employees are locked into broken cultures. <br></p>Richard Chambers0
The Craft of Internal Audithttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/The-Craft-of-Internal-Audit.aspxThe Craft of Internal Audit<p>​Taking pride in our work is a given, but we should actually try for more.</p>Mike Jacka0
Will Outsourced Internal Audit Become the Victim of Its Own Demise?https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/Will-Outsourced-Internal-Audit-Become-the-Victim-of-Its-Own-Demise.aspxWill Outsourced Internal Audit Become the Victim of Its Own Demise?<p>The unraveling of the U.K.'s second-largest builder created a firestorm of controversy over warning signs that were missed or ignored.<br></p>Richard Chambers0
We Fight Because We Carehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/We-Fight-Because-We-Care.aspxWe Fight Because We Care<p>​The successful internal auditor is the one who has the resilience to keep going.</p>Mike Jacka0

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