Meetings Can Make (or Break) Internal Audithttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Jim-Pelletier/2018/Pages/Meetings-Can-Make-or-Break-Internal-Audit.aspxMeetings Can Make (or Break) Internal AuditAuditors can lead more successful meetings by following five simple tips.<p></p>Jim Pelletier0
Internal Audit Must Speak Truth to Powerhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/Internal-Audit-Must-Speak-Truth-to-Power.aspxInternal Audit Must Speak Truth to Power<p>Those in power are often not open to conversations around high risks or other uncomfortable topics — until it’s too late.​</p>Richard Chambers0
Thirty Seconds to Critical Thinkinghttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Thirty-Seconds-to-Critical-Thinking.aspxThirty Seconds to Critical Thinking<p>Practical critical thinking — using it in all situations —​ is quicker and easier than you think​.</p>Mike Jacka0
Prepare to Be Unpreparedhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Soileau/2018/Pages/Prepare-to-Be-Unprepared.aspxPrepare to Be UnpreparedInternal auditors must be flexible enough to adjust when unforseen events alter practitioners' best laid plans.<p></p>Laura Soileau0
Internal Audit Valentineshttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Internal-Audit-Valentines.aspxInternal Audit Valentines<p>​This is what happens when Valentine's Day meets internal audit.</p>Mike Jacka0
Truth Is, Fake News Has Always Been a Riskhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/Truth-Is-Fake-News-Has-Always-Been-a-Risk.aspxTruth Is, Fake News Has Always Been a Risk<p><span style="color:#666666;">Phony news stories powered by social media and biased websites can quickly overwhelm an organization and influence events.</span></p>Richard Chambers0
Maybe We Are Too Preparedhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Maybe-We-Are-Too-Prepared.aspxMaybe We Are Too Prepared<p>​There are many things that can hinder the report writing process. Chief among them is just getting started. </p>Mike Jacka0
Internal Audit Advocacy: Actions Speak Louder Than Wordshttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/Internal-Audit-Advocacy-Actions-Speak-Louder-Than-Words.aspxInternal Audit Advocacy: Actions Speak Louder Than Words<div>The behavior, actions, and ethics of individual practitioners define the internal audit profession for most people.​</div>Richard Chambers0
Internal Auditors Often Experience Resentment — Here's Whyhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Jim-Pelletier/2018/Pages/Internal-Auditors-Often-Experience-Resentment-Heres-Why.aspxInternal Auditors Often Experience Resentment — Here's WhyOvercoming group biases can help internal auditors communicate and work better with audit clients.<p></p>Jim Pelletier0
Going the Distancehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Soileau/2018/Pages/Going-the-Distance.aspxGoing the Distance<p>​Whether you are preparing for a half marathon or an audit career, you need to set goals.</p>Laura Soileau0

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