Nourishment or Poisonhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Nourishment-or-Poison.aspxNourishment or Poison<p>​Our job includes identifying where things go wrong. But we can't lose focus on making things better.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
Bots, RPA, AI, and Unfulfilled Promiseshttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Bots,-RPA,-AI,-and-Unfulfilled-Promises.aspxBots, RPA, AI, and Unfulfilled Promises<p>​We can't go on promising we will adapt technology while doing nothing.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
Return-to-workplace Risks: Is Internal Audit Stepping Up?https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2020/Pages/Return-to-Workplace-Risks-Is-Internal-Audit-Stepping-Up.aspxReturn-to-workplace Risks: Is Internal Audit Stepping Up?<p>It is not too late to alert management and audit committees about the value that internal audit can bring to health and safety reviews.<br></p>Richard Chambers0
Philosophers Comment on Internal Auditinghttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Philosophers-Comment-on-Internal-Audit.aspxPhilosophers Comment on Internal Auditing<p>​Something on the lighter side: philosophical quotes skewed for internal auditing.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
Let Me Think, Where Was I?https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Let-Me-Think,-Where-Was-I.aspxLet Me Think, Where Was I?<p>​The big risks identified before the COVID-19 crisis are just as important as they were then ... maybe more.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
Returning to Workplaces Will Be Risky: Roll Up Your Sleeves, Internal Audithttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2020/Pages/Returning-to-Workplaces-Will-Be-Risky-Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves-Internal-Audit.aspxReturning to Workplaces Will Be Risky: Roll Up Your Sleeves, Internal Audit<div>Auditors are positioned to offer great value as wave after wave of unexpected hazards batter our organizations.<br></div>Richard Chambers0
Balancing Risk and Uncertaintyhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Balancing-Risk-and-Uncertainty.aspxBalancing Risk and Uncertainty<p>​Organizations are making important decisions about how to move forward In the current turmoil. And internal audit needs to be there to help. <br></p>Mike Jacka0
Risk and Uncertaintyhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/Risk-and-Uncertainty.aspxRisk and Uncertainty<p>​To understand risk, we have to understand the impact of uncertainty.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
Public Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19https://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2020/Pages/Public-Servants-Are-Vital-to-Defeating-COVID-19.aspxPublic Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19<p>During this public health crisis, demanding the best will help defeat the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly and effectively.<br></p>Richard Chambers0
The Divot of Complacencyhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2020/Pages/The-Divot-of-Complacency.aspxThe Divot of Complacency<p>​If you are comfortable with what your internal audit department is doing, then it probably isn't doing enough.<br></p>Mike Jacka0

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