Internal Auditors Know CPRhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Internal-Auditors-Know-CPR.aspxInternal Auditors Know CPR<p>​When you understand your expertise, you can sell yourself that much better.<br></p>Mike Jacka0
When the SEC Speaks About Cybersecurity, We'd All Better Listenhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/When-the-SEC-Speaks-About-Cybersecurity-Wed-All-Better-Listen.aspxWhen the SEC Speaks About Cybersecurity, We'd All Better Listen<p>Cyber risk should be ever-present on internal auditors' radar.</p>Richard Chambers0
One Root Causehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/One-Root-Cause.aspxOne Root Cause<p>​Effective root cause analysis may require more of internal audit than we have assumed.</p>Mike Jacka0
5 Future Developments That Could Elevate Internal Audit's Staturehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/5-Future-Developments-That-Could-Elevate-Internal-Audits-Stature.aspx5 Future Developments That Could Elevate Internal Audit's Stature<p>For too long, internal auditors around the world have been hamstrung by several organizational constraints.</p>Richard Chambers0
A Framework for Root Cause Analysishttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/A-Framework-for-Root-Cause-Analysis.aspxA Framework for Root Cause Analysis<p>​In looking for true root causes, the answer may be as simple (and hard) as a framework that already exists. </p>Mike Jacka0
Internal Auditors Must Live in a Shatterproof Househttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/Internal-Auditors-Must-Live-in-a-Shatterproof-House.aspxInternal Auditors Must Live in a Shatterproof House<p>If internal audit doesn’t follow organizational policies, the fallout will affect trust in the department and every auditor in it.​</p>Richard Chambers0
There's No Off-switch for This Internal Auditorhttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/Soileau/2018/Pages/There's-No-Off-switch-for-This-Internal-Auditor.aspxThere's No Off-switch for This Internal Auditor<p>An internal audit mindset can follow you into other parts of your life.<br></p>Laura Soileau0
Internal Audit by Any Other Namehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Internal-Audit-by-Any-Other-Name.aspxInternal Audit by Any Other Name<p>​When things are named, they are given power. Does the name of our profession provide us the right power?</p>Mike Jacka0
7 Social Media Posts Internal Auditors Lovehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/chambers/2018/Pages/7-Social-Media-Posts-Internal-Auditors-Love.aspx7 Social Media Posts Internal Auditors Love<p>Several of my recent LinkedIn posts attracted lots of attention — here's why I think they resonated with so many practitioners.</p>Richard Chambers0
Shooting for Averagehttps://iaonline.theiia.org/blogs/jacka/2018/Pages/Shooting-for-Average.aspxShooting for Average<p>​There is no reason to aim for mediocrity; it will happen on its own. Always strive for something more.</p>Mike Jacka0

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