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​John B. Thurston Award

The Board of Directors of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) established the Thurston Award in March 1952 as a tribute to the memory of John B. Thurston, its first international president and an eminent authority in the field of internal auditing. The award is made annually to the author of that article published in Internal Auditor that is voted to be the outstanding paper in the field of internal auditing.

The John B. Thurston award consists of a plaque, a one-year membership to The IIA, complimentary registration at the next International Conference, travel to and from the conference site, and reasonable and customary costs for meals and lodging. In the event of two or more authors, The IIA will pay registration, travel, meal, and lodging costs for one author only.

Five “Outstanding Contributor” awards are also presented each year. These awards recognize the five runners-up to the Thurston Award winner.

2018 John B. Thurston Award Winner

"How to Audit Culture​" (June 2017)
Jim Roth, PhD, CIA, CCSA, CRMA

2018 Outstanding Contributors

"Auditing Organizational Governance" (February 2017)
Sridhar Ramamoorti, PhD, CIA, CPA, CRMA
Alan N. Siegfried, CIA, CPA, CRMA, CISA
P. Alan White

"Signature Audits" (April 2017)
Hans Buehler, CIA
Arnaud Ruiz, CISA​

"Opportunity From Disruption" (June 2017)
Jason Pett, CPA
Mark Kristall, CPA, CISA
Deborah Mack, CIA, CISA

"Building a Data Analytics Program" (August 2017)
Gordon Braun, CIA, CISA, CGEIT
Andrew Struthers-Kennedy, CISA
Gregg Wishna, CISA

"The Root of the Matter" (August 2017)
Jimmy Parker, CIA, CPA​

2017 John B. Thurston Award Winner

"Mapping Assurance" (December 2016)
Yuang-Sung Al Chen, PhD, CPA, CITP CGMA
Loïc Decaux, PHD
D. Scott Showalter, CPA, CGMA

2016 John B. Thurston Award Winner

"Putting the Squeeze on Social Media" (February 2015)
Michael Levy, CIA, CRMA, CISA, CISSP
Anthony Leusner, CIA, CRMA
Khalid Wasti, CIA

2015 John B. Thurston Award Winner

"No Crash Landings" (February 2014)
Manny Rosenfeld, CIA, CRMA

2014 John B. Thurston Award Winner

“Assurance That Matters” (October 2013)
Norman Marks, CRMA, CPA

2013 John B. Thurston Award Winner

"What's Your Brand?" (October 2012)
Andrew L. Cheskis

2012 John B. Thurston Award Winners

"The Whole World's Talking" (June 2011)
J. Michael Jacka, CIA, CPCU, CPA, CLU
Peter R. Scott, APR

2011 John B. Thurston Award Winners

"Document Retention in an E-world" (April 2010)
Julia N. Karcher, PHD, CMA
Robert M. Barker, PHD
Andrew T. Cobb, PHD, CCE

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