​​Things Auditors Should Be Grate​ful For

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we all have our own personal things for which to be grateful. But often, because we get so wrapped up in the day-to-day life of being an internal auditor, we forget the little things that make the profession a special place to be. Following are just some of things for which internal auditors should be grateful:

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) – Read your history books. If it weren't for this, half the audit departments wouldn't exist.
  • CAATS – Do you realize how much work we would have to be doing with paper, pencil, and four-function calculators if it weren't for these little programs?
  • The Marketing Department – If all else fails you can always have a finding by reviewing their expense reports.
  • The Standards – Not only do they provide the bedrock for how we act as professionals, but they are also a handy cure for insomnia.
  • Accountants, Actuaries, and Academics – Hanging around them makes auditors look like we have personalities.
  • Email – All of the documentation without that pesky face-to-face interaction.
  • The COSO Cube – An excuse to play Jenga at work.
  • Bayonets and the Wounded – (Whoops, sorry. That one is no longer true.)
  • Quality Assessments – It gives us an answer to the question, "Who audits the auditors?"
  • Audit Committees – Somewhere to turn if we don't like what the CEO is telling us.
  • CEOs – Somewhere to turn if we don't like what the audit committee is telling us.
  • Chapter Meetings – The reason we know there are over 100​ ways to cook a chicken.
  • Report Due Dates – Otherwise, we would still be editing the first report we ever worked on.
  • And finally, we should be thankful that no one ever learns. Because, if they did, we'd all be out of work.

Don't ever forget the many things you have, and the many things that make internal audit as special as it is.

Feel free to share your favorites with all of us.

​And have a happy Thanksgiving.​

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