​The Geekiest Auditor in the World

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In the past we have explored the special skills and attributes of the most interesting auditor in the world. Now it is time to pay honor to the one who resides at the other end of the spectrum – the geekiest auditor in the world.

He insists that 100% of the population be tested "Just to make sure."​

When playing scrabble he allows CIA, GRC, COSO, IIA, IPPF, ERM, GAIT, ICIF, and, when feeling particularly magnanimous, CPA.

To save pixels, he writes out reports long hand and then copies the final draft in the computer.

He has developed a flowchart to help him determine when it is the appropriate time to rock and when it is the appropriate time to roll.

He has never had the opportunity to use it.

He breaks open a celebratory bottle of sparkling apple cider every time the latest issue of Internal Auditor arrives.

He once tweeted "How is anyone supposed to use 140 characters to express the profound and complicated thoughts and concepts inherent to our ability to comple"

He does not believe QA reviews are detailed enough.

He believes there is no such thing as redundant controls, only effective controls.

To maintain independence, he buys his own office supplies.

He has developed a risk/control matrix for brushing his teeth.

For their anniversary, he got his wife a signed, first-edition of Sawyer's Internal Auditing.

He recommended that the first aid boxes be locked up because "People were using the band aids."

The only time he isn't thinking about internal audit is when...what are we saying? He's always thinking about internal audit.


He is...the geekiest auditor in the world.

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