​​The CIO as Builder of the Business

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​I am encouraged to see that leading CIOs, according to a recent report from Deloitte University Press, now “describe their roles in terms such as ‘imagination,’ ‘chief innovation officer,’ and ‘revenue-generator CIO.’”

The report says:

“The rapid adoption of digital technologies is putting new pressures on IT organizations. As spending on cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technology soars, CIOs have the opportunity to help drive strategy, innovation, and revenue growth. At the same time, these technologies present major new challenges in the traditional domain of IT: building and integrating information systems while cost-effectively operating a reliable and secure infrastructure. Today’s CIO must play a dual role: builder of technology and builder of the business.”

While 70% of CIOs see their future beyond their traditional technical domain (i.e., keeping the lights on) and even moving up to CEO, half of them “feel unable to cope with the pace of change brought by digital technologies.” More than 40% don’t believe they have the talent they need!

I encourage you to read the full report.

This is all exciting. But is it today’s reality?

Is your CIO a builder of the business?

Or does your CIO and his or her team takes orders, much as a waiter in a restaurant?

How do we reconcile this report with the news from other sources that half or more of spending on technology is now being driven outside IT?

I welcome your comments and any stories you can share.

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