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​Today on WIIA we've got some classic Billy Joel for you – the song that made him the star he is today. Rumor is that this was based on his own experiences working in internal audit. Whether it's true or not, we're glad he came up with this famous tune.

​It's eight am on a Monday.
The regular team shuffles in.
There's an old man at the next cubicle
Cursing at his computer's blank screen.


He says "Son I remember quite long ago
When pencils were all that we had.
But these toys we use now never work. Anyhow,
I think that it's all just a fad."

La la laudit de da la laudit de da da dum


Find all the risks you're the Audit Man.
Find them and then move on.
'Cause the auditees haven't done anything
And the due date is coming along. 

Now John was an external auditor
Who wanted to try something new
And he's quick with a test and to give you his best
But there's something that he'd rather do.
He says "Bill, I believe this is hurting me."
As the smile ran away from his face.
"Well, I'm sure I could be a CEO
If I had just stayed in that place."​ 

La la laudit de da la laudit de da da dum


Now Paul was a marketing specialist
Who came to cross-train and then stayed.
And he's talking to Mary sent from actuary
For having emotions they say.


And the manager's writing review notes
As the auditors all get annoyed.
But they're quiet about their unhappiness
'Cause it's better than when unemployed.


Build all the tests you're the Audit Man.
Build them and test them today.
'Cause the errors just might impact them fatally
And we've got to point out the way.


It's a pretty good team for this company.
And the CAE gives me a smile.
Cause he's met the C-Suite and they all have agreed
To be partnering in a short while.
And the findings are flowing like waterfalls.
And the auditors seem to be glad.
And they walk past my chair and they look at my flair
And say "Actually life here's not bad." 

La la laudit de da la laudit de da da dum


Write the report you're the Audit Man.
Finish it. It's due today.
'Cause you know there'll be twenty revisions.
Before they say that it's okay.​

As always, if you have any requests, just let us know. Until next time, "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the fraudsters."

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