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Abou​​t Internal Auditor Magazine

Welcome to the world's leading ​publication covering the internal audit profession. Internal Auditor magazine shares timely, helpful, indispensable information for professionals who want to keep pace with the diverse, dynamic field of internal auditing. Internal Auditor magazine content may be reprinted with the appropriate permission.​

Internal Auditor Staff and Contributors

Editor in Chief

Anne Millage


Managing Editor

David Salierno

Associate Managing Editor

Tim McCollum

Senior Editor

Shannon Steffee


Production Manager

Gretchen Gorfine

Art Direction

Yacinski Design LLC

Contributing Editors

Mark Brinkley, CIA, CFSA, CRMA; 
John Hall, CIA; J. Michael Jacka, CIA, CPCU, CFE, CPA
; Steve Mar, CFSA; 

James Roth, PHD, CIA, CCSA, CRMA
; Paul J. Sobel, QIAL, CIA, CRMA; 
Laura Soileau, CIA

Editorial Advisory Board

Dennis Applegate, CIA, CPA, CMA, CFE; Lal Balkaran, CIA, CGA, FCIS, FCMA; Mark Brinkley, CIA, CFSA, CRMA; Adil Buhariwalla, CIA, CRMA, CFE, FCA; Daniel J. Clemens, CIA; David Coderre, CPM; Michael Cox, FIIA(NZ), AT; Dominic L. Daher, JD, LLM; James Fox, CIA, CFE; Peter Francis, CIA; Michael Garvey, CIA; Nancy Haig, CIA, CRMA, CFE, CCSA; Daniel Helming, CIA, CPA; J. Michael Jacka, CIA, CPCU, CFE, CPA; Keith E. Johnson, CIA; Sandra Kasahara, CIA, CPA; Eila Koivu, CIA, CCSA, CISA, CFE; Robert Kuling, CIA, CRMA, CQA; Michael Levy, CRMA, CISA, CISSP; Merek Lipson, CIA; Thomas Luccock, CIA, CPA; Michael Marinaccio, CIA; Norman Marks, CPA, CRMA; Alyssa G. Martin, CPA; Dennis McGuffie, CPA; Stephen Minder, CIA; Kenneth Mory, CIA, CPA, CISA, CRMA; Jack Murray, Jr., CBA, CRP; Hans Nieuwlands, CIA, CCSA, CGAP, RA; Michael Plumly, CIA, CPA; Jeffrey Ridley, CIA, FCIS, FIIA; Marshall Romney, PHD, CPA, CFE; James Roth, PHD, CIA, CCSA, CRMA; Katherine Shamai, CIA, CRMA, CA, CFE; Debora Shelton, CIA, CRMA; Laura Soileau, CIA, CRMA; Jerry Strawser, PHD, CPA; Glenn Sumners, PHD, CIA, CRMA, CPA; Sonia Thomas, CRMA; Stephen Tiley, CIA; Robert Venczel, CIA, CRMA, CMA, CISA; Curtis Verschoor, CIA, CPA, CFE; David Weiss, CIA; Scott White, CIA, CFSA, CRMA

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