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An umbrella publication covers a broad area of topics and serves more than just its own industry. It provides support and sustainability across every profession and organization, regardless of size.

And organizations understand the internal audit function has the broadest reach, offering objectivity, assurance, and insights on every facet of the business. From fraud to cybersecurity, internal audit departments often serve as a hedge for organizations against mediocrity, erosion of ethical values, and corruption.


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Are You Covered by This Umbrella?

Internal Auditor magazine is the only publication dedicated to internal auditing, sharing leading practices and offering insights and expertise from internal audit leaders and practitioners across hundreds of industries.

It Covers More Than You Think

Internal Auditor is an invaluable resource for internal audit practitioners, and C-suite and senior business leaders, board members, audit committee members, and compliance, risk, and fraud professionals who rely on internal auditing to help manage risk and achieve their organization's objectives.

An Even Longer Reach

Internal Auditor reaches beyond print. Subscribers have access to exclusive content, blogs, digital archives, video, and more online, including a mobile app and social media channels.







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