Large Program Governance Lessons Learned: An Update

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The Idea: In my last blog post I told you my audit department is tinkering with our large program governance methodology. I wrote: 

"We decided to have an objective facilitator walk us through a "lessons learned" process, first internally as an audit team and then — the scary part — to ask those that have worked with us on Proj​ect Health Checks (PHCs) to participate in a workshop to vet our draft updated methodology. We are still in progress, but I hope to report to you that we achieved a focused, risk-based PHC methodology responsive and flexible to stakeholders' requirements for assurance on strategic project risks." 

Here is the update.

The Execution: The Manager of Enterprise Project Management Office led a series of d​​iscussions with members of my team and stakeholders from past PHCs. For each session, he put large sheets of paper up on the wall labeled:

  • What is working well?
  • What should we keep doing?​​
  • What could be done differently?
  • Anything that could be added?

It was nice that he started with the good things and the participants were all generous in their positive feedback. This PDF document​ provides some of the kernels of wisdom about what stakeholders value about our current process and what they would change that you might consider building into yours:

In my next blog post, I'll communicate how we've adapted our PHC methodology based on what we learned. Stay tuned!

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