Ted Keys Award Winners

Writing Awards​

Ted Keys Award   

This award — named in honor of the late Elmer Theodore Keys Jr., a long-time regular writer for an Internal Auditor magazine department — is presented each year for the most outstanding article submitted to one of the magazine’s departments. Winning articles are selected for outstanding quality, clear presentation of ideas, practicality, and relevance to the continuing practice of internal auditing.

2020 Ted Keys Award Winner

"The Single Point of Failure" ("ITAudit," April 2019)
Steve Mar, CFSA, CISA

2020 Honorable Mentions

"Internal Audit's Evolving Cybersecurity Role" ("Risk Watch," February 2019)
Lynn Fountain, CGMA, CRMA

"Assessing Data Reliability" ("Back to Basics," June 2019)
Danny Fridman, CIA, CISA, CRISC
Dror Bar Moshe, CIA, CPA, CFE, CISA
David Gabra, CISA

"The Opportunistic CFO" ("Fraud Findings," June 2019)
Bryant Richards, CIA, CRMA, CMA

"The Hidden Risks of the Cloud" ("ITAudit," December 2019)
Kari Zahar
Jeremy Price, CISA, MCSE, ABCP
Curtis Griffin, GICSP

"Running on Empty" ("Fraud Findings," December 2019)
Anna Kon, CIA, CRMA, CFE

2019 Ted Keys Award Winner

"The Extended Enterprise" ("Governance Perspectives," February 2018)
Melissa Ryan, CRMA, CISA

2018 Ted Keys Award Winner

"Structured for Strength" ("Governance Perspectives," December 2017)​
Lane Kimbrough​, PhD, CIA, CRMA, ​CCSA​

2017 Ted Keys Award Winner

Must-have Controls for SMBs” (“ITAudit,” December 2016)
Philip Chukwuma, CISSP

2016 Ted Keys Award Winner

“The Four Hats of Risk Management” (“Risk Watch,” December 2015)
Richard J. Machold, CIA, CPA, CRMA

2015 Ted Keys Award Winner

"Addressing Risk in a Dynamic World" ("Risk Watch," June 2014)
Larry Baker, CPA, CCSA, CRMA

2014 Ted Keys Award Winner

“Auditing Governance of Critical Information” (“ITAudit,” August 2013)
Philip Chukwuma, CISSP

2013 Ted Keys Award Winner

“Institutional Memory” (“Back to Basics,” February 2012)

David O'Regan, CIA, FCA

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