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Internal Auditor Editorial Calendar

The Internal Auditor editorial calendar is provided for those interested in the special focus of each edition. Cover topics apply to the cover story only, though sometimes other articles, but do not represent a theme for the entire issue. Before submitting a manuscript, please read our Writers’ Guidelines and contact Managing Editor David Salierno at david.salierno@theiia.org regarding editorial needs for specific issues.



Cover Story: Are You Auditing the Wrong Things?

Other Stories: Breaking Down the Standards, Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors

Production Start: Dec. 1, 2016


Cover Story: Internal Audit's Role in Making the Organization More Resilient

Other Stories: Use of Maturity Models in Internal Audits, Aligning with Company Strategy and Business Objectives

Production Start: Feb. 1, 2017


Cover Story: Public Sector Auditors Under Siege

Other Stories: The Foundational Elements of a Strong Corporate Culture, The Dynamics of Interpersonal Behavior, North American Board Chairman

Production Start: April 1, 2017


Cover Story: Expectations/Education of the Generalist Auditor Today and Tomorrow

Other Stories: Ethical Issues in the Collection, Use, and Analysis of Data; Integrating Technology Into Audit Processes; Global Board Chairman

Production Start: June 1, 2017


Cover Story: Emerging Leaders

Other Stories: Internal Audit's Role as Educator, Developing Business Acumen Within the Audit Function

Production Start: Aug. 1, 2017


Cover Story: Protecting Employee Personal Information

Other Stories: The Risks with Reporting Beyond the Numbers, When Recommendations Go Unaddressed

Production Start: Oct. 1, 2017

All articles are subject to change. For editorial inquiries, please contact David Salierno, managing editor.

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