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Internal Auditor Editorial Calendar

The Internal Auditor editorial calendar is provided for those interested in the special focus of each edition. Cover topics apply to the cover story only, though sometimes other articles, but do not represent a theme for the entire issue. Before submitting a manuscript, please read our Writers’ Guidelines and contact Managing Editor ​David Salierno regarding editorial needs for specific issues.


August — Technology

Cover: The Digitally Transformed Enterprise

Other Articles: Applying AI in Audits; Data: What Is Ethical?; Simplifying Agile Auditing; Global Board Chairman

Website: Auditing in a Disruptive Environment

Production Start: June 1, 2020

October — Talent and Leadership

Cover: Emerging Leaders

Other Articles: Recruiting the Next Generation, The Mentoring Experience, Three Lines Model

Website: Kickstart Your Audit Career

Production Start: Aug. 1, 2020 

December — Business Continuity and Crisis Response

Cover: Don't Let Your Disaster Be Your Test

Other Articles: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence; New Approaches to Audit Reporting; OnRisk 2021

Website: Understanding the Necessary Skill Sets for Working With Data

Production Start: Oct. 1, 2020

All articles are subject to change. For editorial inquiries, please contact David Salierno, managing editor.
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