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Internal Auditor Editorial Calendar

The Internal Auditor editorial calendar is provided for those interested in the special focus of each edition. Cover topics apply to the cover story only, though sometimes other articles, but do not represent a theme for the entire issue. Before submitting a manuscript, please read our Writers’ Guidelines and contact Managing Editor David Salierno at david.salierno@theiia.org regarding editorial needs for specific issues.



Cover Story: Educating the Board

Other Articles: EQ and Internal Audit, The Chief Audit Executive/Chief Risk Officer Relationship

Production Start: Dec. 1, 2017


Cover Story: A​udit Reports: Is There a Better Way?  

Other Articles: Assessing Risk Appetite​, Auditing the Organization's Use of Analytics​, Elevating Internal Audit Team Performance, The Integrity Office​

Production Start: Feb. 1, 2018


Cover Story: Sexual Harrassment in the Workplacce

Other Articles: Diversity: Implementing the IPPF Based on Size/Maturity of Internal Audit, North Amercian Board Chairman

Production Start: April 1, 2018


Cover Story: Cybersecurity

Other Articles: Ransomware, Blockchain, Social Engineering, Global Board Chairman, Fraud: Even Diamonds Crack Under Pressure, Women at the Top

Production Start: June 1, 2018


Cover Story:​ Emerging Leaders

Other Articles: The Updated COSO ERM Framework in Practice; Comminicating With Stakeholders​

Production Start: Aug. 1, 2018​


Cover Story: When Audits Become Investigations

Other Articles: Leveraging Technology in Small Audit Functions, Where Does Risk Responsibility Lie? Engagament Planning

Production Start: Oct. 1, 2018

All articles are subject to change. For editorial inquiries, please contact David Salierno, managing editor.

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