​Culture Drives Performance​

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This is so true — and highly relevant for all executives and managers, including those in internal audit and risk management.

I have questions for you:

  • Does your organization have a culture ​that rewards the performance the board and top management want?
  • Is the culture one of taking too much risk and playing down the potential impact?
  • Is the culture one of taking too little risk and missing opportunities?
  • Is management trusted by the board?
  • Is management trusted by employees?
  • Does management trust employees?
  • Is management trusted by its business partners, regulators, the community, etc.​?
  • Does the culture enable making decisions quickly, or do managers jump on the train after it leaves the station?
  • Does the culture enable the use of new technology, or are you wearing clogs and slowing down the business?
  • Is there a culture that rewards dotting the i's and rigorously following policy, or are managers able to get things done?
  • Is there a culture of "lean" — focusing on what counts and getting rid of unecessary red tape?
  • Does the organization understand the risks of the "wrong" culture?
  • What does it do to promote the desired culture?
  • When employees are hired, how does management ensure they will add to and not detract from the desired culture?
  • Finally, do employees enjoy coming to work?

One more question for internal auditors: have you considered the risks of the "wrong culture" — the impact on performance — and included audits to address the higher risk areas?​​



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