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For 70 years, Internal Auditor magazine has shared leading practices with internal auditors around the globe. Its timely, practical, thought-provoking articles have earned it a reputation as the authoritative voice on the profession. Now in addition to supporting you in your career with print and online news and information, Internal Auditor is helping you earn CPE credit as well. With the release of each bi-monthly edition of the magazine, you have the chance to earn three IIA CPEs to support your IIA certifications. Available to members for free, the online quiz takes your experience with the publication to the next level by testing your internal audit knowledge and providing valuable CPE credits. 

Click on the links below to access our current library of Internal Auditor magazine quizzes, available complimentary to IIA members. Upon successful completion of the quiz (80 percent or higher), be sure to print/save your transcript for your IIA CPE reporting purposes. Learn more about CPE Reporting Requirements on The IIA's website or Administrative Directive No. 4: Continuing Professional Education and Continuing Professional Development Requirements for all Certification and Qualifications Programs.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The deadline for reporting your CPEs is December 31 of that year. There is a grace period for reporting, but you must complete your CPEs within the calendar year. For example, if you take a 2016 quiz in 2016, it counts toward your 2016 credits. If you take a 2015 quiz in 2016, your CPEs will count toward 2016 reporting. The maximum number of CPEs you can report for magazine quizzes per year is 18.

These quizzes are not NASBA certified.


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