​Board Members Learning Value of Twitter. Time for Internal Auditors to Follow Them?

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As have said before (in this post), internal auditors can benefit from the occasional use of Twitter.

Now, one of the people I follow on Twitter — an active board director and audit committee chair — has written a blog post on how board members can benefit as well.

Lucy Marcus writes: 

The business environment is going through so many changes, with an uncertain world economy, shifting landscapes and legislation in every country in areas from gender representation to sustainability, and board directors needing to be fully transparent and accountable, it requires that responsible activist board directors keep their fingers on the pulse of what is happening at all times. Reading newspapers, the trade press, and getting reports from the accounting firms and law firms all have a role to play, but over the past several months I found that Twitter offers an equally if not more effective way to do this in real time.

Lucy includes a list of people and resources she follows. In addition to these people, you should follow every board member and executive at your company that is on Twitter. Don't you want to know what they are writing, what they are reading and hearing about best practices for governance, audit, risk management, compliance, etc?​​​​

Do you know who at your company is on Twitter? If not, why not?

PS — you can follow me at ​normanmarks/twitter.com.​​​​​



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