​Reflections on IIA and ISACA: The Lost Opportunities

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​ISACA has issued for comment an excellent draft on "Controls Monitoring and IT." Information on how to download it, and my comments on the document, are h​ere.

There are multiple interesting aspects to this guidance, in addition to the great content:

  • The IIA has a "competitive" document, the GTAG on Continuous Auditing. A team (of which I am a member) is currently engaged in updating the GTAG. At least two members of that team are members of ISACA.
  • The ISACA team that worked on their draft includes individuals who are active in The IIA.

Which brings us to the question of the day: why don't ISACA and IIA "get along" at the headquarters level, and collaborate on standards and other guidance? There is some excellent cooperation at local chapter level, but for some reason there is a history at the headquarters level.

When are we going to learn to get along? If not now, when?

What do you think?​



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