​​My Most Popular 2011 Personal Blog Posts​

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​ These are the posts on my personal blog that obtained the most views. The #1 post, on risk appetite, garnered nearly 3,000 views.

I will later share the top posts on my InternalAuditorOnline blog. ​

  1. ​​Just what is risk appetite and how does it differ from risk tolerance?
  2. 10 reasons not to like the COSO ERM framework – a discussion with Grant Purdy
  3. The difference between continuous controls monitoring and the continuous inspection of transactions
  4. The essential ingredient to effective risk management: the culture
  5. How do you evaluate your risk management program?
  6. A metaphor that explains GRC
  7. PwC has sound advice on Continuous Auditing
  8. ​​What is the relationship between Governance, ERM, and Internal Control?
  9. New guidance on risk appetite and tolerance. I like some parts, disagree with others
  10. Explaining the value of risk management
  11. Risk management is not a quarterly exercise. It should be a way of life
  12. A good argument by EY for improved ERM, but a poor one for GRC
  13. Risks to watch in 2011
  14. Excellent resources for risk (and GRC) professionals
  15. ​​Is Internal Audit lacking in leadership skills?
  16. ​​​The future of the internal audit profession
  17. RIMS’ report on ERM standards and guidelines: a recommended read
  18. Disappointed by the PwC State of the Internal Audit Profession 2011
  19. Survey results: how people define GRC
  20. Where should internal audit report? Should it be to the audit committee?
  21. Risk-based Continuous Monitoring/Auditing – Developments
  22. The solutions I would buy for GRC
  23. ​​​​Deloitte releases Global Risk Management Survey, on financial services institutions
  24. What are the top issues for IT governance?
  25. ​​Continuous auditing that should NOT be performed by internal audit
  26. KPMG reports major problems in how risk management is understood and practiced
  27. Should internal audit ‘do SOX’?
  28. Study reports on the Benefits of Continuous Monitoring
  29. Questions to ask executives about risk management
  30. People are the root cause of most risk and control issues
  31. How many risks should be managed and often should you do so?
  32. Enabling risk management across the organization
  33. PwC explains why leading finance functions are 60% more efficient than the average
  34. What is the state of internal auditing? My opinion
  35. Advice from McKinsey on board dynamics and pr​actices



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