​​Award Ceremony at the Floyd B. Bariscale Memorial High School

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Can I have everyone's attention, please? It's time to start our program. Your attention, please. Simmer. Simmer. Thank you.

Good evening and welcome to the Floyd B. Bariscale Memorial High School Tenth Annual Internal Audit Fair. While I have met most of you, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Principal Phil Franklin and I can proudly say I've had the opportunity to preside over every one of these Internal Audit Fairs. Each event has been the best ever and each has been better than the last. (And I'm sure some enterprising student will use that statement as the subject of an entry next year.)

I want to start tonight's festivities by introducing our three judges. First, Mr. Martinez. Not only is Oscar a devoted teacher and sponsor of our Junior Internal Audit Club; he has also been instrumental in setting up our reciprocal quality assurance program with Kevin Malone Junior High in Scranton.

Next, from the local CPA firm of Howard, Fine, and Howard: Mr. Howard. (I'm sorry, what was that? It isn't Mr. Howard?) My apologies, allow me to present Mr. Fine. (What? It isn't Mr. Howard or Mr. Fine? Then who is it? You're kidding?) My apologies again, it is the other Mr. Howard.

Last, but not least, our local representative from the IIA, President of the local chapter, Chair of the International Committee on Awards for Aspiring Internal Auditors, and, if I do say so myself, one heck of a dancer, Mr. Norm Peterson.

Next, I want to take this opportunity to thank this school's teachers, students, and faculty for their support throughout this magnificent event. And, most importantly, I want to thank you – the parents. Without your support, this Internal Audit Fair would not have been possible. Give yourself a round of applause...

Hold on. Not too much now. We'd hate to impair your independence. 

Now, before we announce our award winners, we have a big surprise. Mr. Martinez has advised me that one of our top internal audit students has been awarded the prestigious Milton Waddams Award for Achievement in High School Internal Audit Studies.   This recipient of this award receives a full scholarship for summer studies at IIA headquarters in Altamonte Springs.  Join me in congratulating...Katie Yvonne! Katie, you're going to Florida!!

What's that honey? No, I'm sorry, that doesn't include Disney World. Yes, you still have to take the trip.

Now, it is my great pleasure to announce the winners of our top awards. 

Our third place award goes to Louis Tulley for his project "GRC – is it Control or Compliance?" Louis will receive a $25 gift certificate to Applebee's with the stipulation that she work with the local restaurant to establish controls over gift certificates.

In second place – for his research titled "Unmitigated Risk: Walking by the Teacher's Lounge during Smoke Breaks" – the winner is Arthur Tick. With his award, Arthur will have his article published in Internal Auditor Magazine. He will also receive 20 copies of his published article to give to friends and family. Recognizing that he probably does not have that many friends, extra copies will be donated to the school library.

And, first place goes to Leo Bloom for research he claims to have been working on since kindergarten: "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Do You Have to Record It on the Inventory Schedule?" A donation will be made in Leo's name with the IIARF. We have also been working with the IIA bookstore and they have indicated interest in using Leo's title as the first publication in their new "Children Can be Auditors, Too" line.

But, wait; that's not all!! We have one more big surprise. This year the entries were of such high quality and some of the entries had such an impact that we have decided to add a new category – Overall Grand Prize.

And the winner of this year's grand prize? William Blake and his review titled "School Expenses, Budgets, Overruns, and Potential Misuse: A Clean Report."   Along with this beautiful trophy I hold before me, William will also be receiving a full scholarship to the college of his choice, an updating of the records to show he has maintained a 4.15 GPA, and a seat on the school board. William, I assume that, as we discussed, the original documents will be on my desk in the morning.

And, with that, I want to thank everyone one more time. Enjoy the exhibits. Enjoy the refreshments. And your CPE certificates are in the mail.

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