​​Auditorman Gets a Reboot​

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There are people at your work, from the C-Suite to the clerks,
And in all of the positions in between.
They think everyone's a fool; they are flaunting all the rules,
They think policies and procedures are obscene.

Where will we go? Where are the heroes?
Where are the ones to take control?
Wait! Who's this we see? Who makes the scofflaws flee?
Who won't abide excuses or loopholes?

Auditorman and COSO Boy, the duo completing all the tests.
Auditorman and COSO Boy, the pair whose findings are the best.
When efficiency is floundering or effectiveness is gone
You can know it will be better when you hear this thrilling song.
It's Auditorman. It's Auditorman. 
It's Auditor Man.....And CO...SO...Boooooy!!!!

Are you one of us? Do the strains of the "Auditorman March" bring back great memories? Did you spend countless afternoons in front of your radio or television anxiously waiting for the next episode? Did you stand in line Wednesday mornings, hours before the comic book store opened, to get the latest issue? Did you die inside, just a little, when plans for the blockbuster movie got cancelled? Were you one of the legions of dedicated fans of "The Further Adventures of Auditorman and COSO Boy"?

If so, then we don't need to tell you that "The Further Adventures of Auditorman and COSO Boy" chronicled the tales of the crime fighting superheroes who battled for truth, justice, and the internal audit way. Every chance we fans got, we would watch or read or listen as they used due professional care to assess the city, identified opportunities for improvement, and relentlessly followed up to ensure action plans were appropriately executed.

And, if you are one of those fans, then there is only one question on your mind: When will we get more?

Well, we have exciting news. No longer will Auditorman be relegated to the home for outdated standards. No, after years of planning, assessing the risks, and identifying appropriate responses, Auditorman, like a repeat finding, is ready to return. Yes, he will be back fighting fraud, identifying control breakdowns, and sitting in on meetings with the rest of the GRC team.

"But," you may ask, "what of COSO Boy?" Well, time has moved on, and COSO Boy has become a COSO Man – ready for his own adventures. (Spoiler alert: We're not ready to announce anything yet, but let us just say that the final review notes have been posted regarding a potential series for COSO Man. Keep watching for those exposure drafts.)

But, one cannot expect any superhero, least of all one of Auditorman's stature, to go sidekickless. He may be independent and objective, but he knows there is no "I" in team, no "me" in department (unless you shake up the letters), and no "I'm all alone; where did everybody go" in audit shop.   Toward that end, we are even more excited to announce that Auditorman will have a new sidekick. And we are asking you, the fans, to join us in the fact find and discovery of that new sidekick.

But, just like a draft report without agreement, you're going to have to wait. When we get together again, we will provide you the list of potential sidekicks, any one of which may soon be fighting at Auditorman's side. So, let us leave you by saying, join us next time – same audit timelines, same audit procedures – for the answers to these and other open-ended questions on...

​The Further Adventures of Auditorman.

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