​​A Quick Note About Who Moved My Fly

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Notice anything different in our little neighborhood? Seem a little more crowded? Seem a little more upscale (less "flies" perhaps)?

There is a new blogger in our midst – Carolyn Saint, Chair of the IIA's North American Board and VP of Internal Audit at 7-eleven, Inc. I'm looking forward to her thoughts on "Getting Stuff Done."

(Quick aside proving I'm old: Know why it is called 7-eleven? [Cue Jeopardy music.] It used to be open from seven in the morning to eleven at night. At the time, that was really early and really late.)

And the other upgrade? New pictures!! Sadly, that means the fly that helped cover my face has disappeared.

That picture got reactions that fell into one of two camps. Camp one: Rolling in the Aisles. Camp two: "Why?"

I was in the first camp, but many, many people came to me from the second camp.   And I really only had one reply – "If you have to ask, you will never understand." Sometimes (like the Goofy watch I wear where everything is backwards – it even runs backwards) you just have to approach things differently.

Nothing is gained through comfort. German author Günther Eich said, "Be inconvenient, be sand, not oil in the gears of the world." And similarly, never let yourself become awash in the oil. Search for your personal sand. 

So this is a quick note to welcome Carolyn, to remind you to keep up on what's happening with all the blogs, and to exhort you come up with your own fly. (And then see what happens when it moves.)

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