​​A Quick Note About Procrastination

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I can't tell you how many times I harangued my kids to get their work done – school work, housework, yard work, whatever work. And it was always "I'll get it done later." And then something would come up – they'd get sick, something else would be due, a friend would have free tickets to Comic Con (no, that never happens...to any of us) – something would occur to cause their best laid plans of mice, men, and procrastination to come crashing down.

Of course, the example I was setting did not help my case.

Yes, my name is Mike and I am a procrastinator.

One more time, the realization that I suffer from this debilitating disease slapped me in the face. As I type this, I am coming down with what appears to be the makings of a wicked cold.

I have two slide deck presentations due to two different conferences today. I wasn't worried. I knew I could get them done on time.

And now today looks like it will be filled with drugs and sleep.

​If only I had listened to my own lectures.

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