​​A Quick Note About Designations​​

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I have to give up taking informal polls.

In April, I mentioned an informal poll I was taking – asking about audit's involvement in disaster recovery. I assumed such involvement was table stakes. The numbers were disappointingly low.

Not learning my lesson, I have started a new informal poll. Simple question. How many here are CIAs? The lack of raised hands has floored me. I have followed-up to determine how many had plans to get the designation. The number of raised hands represented very few trees, let alone a forest.

Maybe I just stumbled on a statistical anomaly. Maybe I was mumbling. Maybe I had put another group to sleep by the time I asked the question. But, people, let's get serious here.

This is the single most important indication of dedication to the profession, the single most important representation of your professionalism, the hallmark of professionalism for all auditors.  Talk about table stakes.

Do me a favor. Next time you see your friendly neighborhood auditor, ask if they have their CIA. If not, ask when they are planning to get it. If they have no plans, then slap them upside the head and tell them to get to work.

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