​​A Quick Note About Accomplishment

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When you complete that last audit, when your cubicle is haunted by the ghosts of audits past, when St Peter completes the tally to determine if you are worthy of being part of the celestial administration responsible for counting harps and verifying that wings are distributed two to a person and ensuring segregation of duties exists so the individual recording who enters heaven is not the same individual responsible for reconciling those totals...when they talk about what you have accomplished...

 What will they say?

 What will be your legacy?

 What will be your epitaph?

 What is the contribution they will look back on and say, "That's why that individual was put on the earthly realm of internal audit"?

 In a pique of frustration, I once asked someone I worked for, "When they etch your tombstone, do you want it to say 'He was under budget?" He answered that he felt that would be a good thing.

 And I wanted to weep. 

 I wanted to weep that his concept of a great accomplishment was to meet the budget.

 And I wanted to weep for the fact that I worked for him.

 Strive for something great.

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