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Only because every other part of this long discussion has had introductory remarks do I feel the need to include them here. I will say that, if you are just joining us, you may want to take a moment to read the posts from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They provide the background for what follows. Then again, it's your dime, spend it how you feel wisest. 

Some time ago I had a post titled "Have a Strong Third Act". I won't go into all of it now, but the point is that one should never rest on one's laurels - that in every activity there is a third act. Whether it be the third act of an audit or the third act of the year's progress or the third act of a play (seemed only right to include that one) or the third act of a career, there is always more to come. And, no matter what you are doing, no matter how old you are, no matter how much experience you have, always strive for something new, exciting, and better in whatever third act you are experiencing.

I'm getting my third act started.

As you are more than aware if you have been keeping up with all the words I've been spewing for the last few days, today is my last day at Farmers Insurance. As I've said ad infinitum, 30 years and one month with the company, 29 and one-half years in internal audit.

A few months ago, the fact of my impending retirement came up in a discussion at a Phoenix Chapter board meeting. They asked if I was going to stay on the board. My answer has not changed since the first day they put me on – I'll stay here as long as you can stand me. 

Reading this week's posts, someone got the impression that these were my last words before I gave up writing the blog. Sorry, it ain't that easy to get rid of me. I still have a lot of useless things to say (even if I don't know what they are yet) and you all get to continue to join me on that ride.

In other words, in spite of retirement, I plan on sticking with internal audit.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I really like this profession. I enjoy the kind of work that is done, I have fun working with auditors, and I really like working with the IIA. (If I haven't said this before, get involved with the IIA at some level. It's a chance to learn more about the profession, it is a chance to network, and, if you are really lucky, you may get involved with the fantastic people that work directly for the IIA. You will never regret it.) 

I plan on being very active in all aspects of internal audit. I'll continue to be a part of the IIA through the magazine, seminars, conferences, and, of course, the blog. And my intent is to do a lot more writing, speaking, training, and consulting. (Doesn't every retired person claim to be a "consultant"?) In addition, I hope I can expand my reach beyond internal audit, working outside the profession to help show non-auditors just how expansive, valuable, and important internal audit really is.

So, where will you find me now? Well, a couple of friends and I are starting up an enterprise – Flying Pig Auditing, Consulting, and Training Solutions (FPACTS). As of tomorrow, my title will be Co-founder and Chief Creative Pilot. In short order, you should see this change reflected in the bio above. In the past, you've been able to follow me on Twitter as @figre. But you can also follow the thoughts and whereabouts of us "pigsters" at @FlyingPigSpeaks. 

And I'll still be roaming around out there. You can't just read your way to success in internal audit – you have to be out there learning and sharing. So, if you're at a conference and I'm there, look me up and say hi. If I'm at your chapter meeting, stop by and we'll chat. And if you see me in line at a Starbucks…well, then you may want to wait until I've absorbed a few molecules of caffeine before we talk. But go ahead and approach. (Just make it slow; the under-caffeinated spook easily.)

But wherever it is, let's talk. I'm counting on you guys to make sure I know what the heck is going on out there.

You know, "retirement" could be a pretty good gig.

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