​​ISACA and The IIA Sign MOU

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In September, we announced the results of a meeting held at the ISACA International Headquarters office between the senior management staff of ISACA and The IIA. It was a valuable opportunity for the two organizations to reflect on the challenges and opportunities we face in serving our similar constituencies. We did more than just talk, however; we laid the groundwork for a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) between us, which has now been signed and is in effect.

The MOU creates a basis for cooperation and collaboration between ISACA and The IIA for the advancement of the global internal auditing profession through the mutual sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice, thus allowing the associations to benefit from each other's respective work and involvement. The list of potential activities that could take place to bring that purpose to fruition is nearly endless; some of possibilities identified in the MOU include:

  • Speaking and exhibiting at each other's conferences, seminars and events.
  • Conducting jointly sponsored events.
  • Mutually recognizing, where appropriate, each other's continuing education programs for continuing education credits to satisfy requisite certification requirements.
  • Participating in training and educational programs offered by either association where such collaboration benefits the attendees.
  • Encouraging similar cooperation and collaboration among local chapters of ISACA and The IIA (an activity that already thrives in many places throughout the world).
  • Identifying opportunities for joint projects that advance the global internal audit profession and the professional standing of its members.
  • Engaging in periodic discussions on matters of public policy that impact the internal auditing profession.
  • Where appropriate, coordinating and promoting unified messages and responses to standards setters, regulators, and legislators globally, and providing them with information regarding best professional practices.

Clearly, this is not an exhaustive list, but it does illustrate the great potential before us. We look forward to investigating the many ways our joint activity can benefit our members and other constituents, and we are gratified at the spirit of cooperation and collaboration exemplified by this signed MOU.



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