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​My firm recently underwent a rebranding process that culminated in a new brand identity, including a new logo, a new tagline, and a redesigned website. We've had much excitement in our offices over the last few weeks as we launched the new brand identity, both internally and externally. While we have a new brand identity, however, some things remain unchanged, including our name, our core values, and our approach to serving our clients.

With our recent rebranding, I've given more thought than usual to the branding process in general, particularly within internal audit. For example, as internal auditors, what are our practices when it comes to evaluating our brands within our organizations to gain an understanding of what our stakeholders truly think of us? While we may see our internal audit shops as trusted advisors who add value to the business, do we k​​now if this is the way we're really perceived within our organizations? 

If our objective is to be seen as a trusted advisor, and we learn that our stakeholders see us differently, maybe it is time for a rebranding of our internal audit shop. Through this process, keeping our core values front and center, we can also strengthen our image in the eyes of those outside the walls of our department.

For those of you reading this post who may not need a brand refresh within your internal audit shop, I encourage you to consider how your "brand" as an internal auditor may be perceived by your family and friends. Are there any of you out there who may still have to explain to people that you're not an auditor for the Internal Revenue Service? And for any internal auditors with their CPA certifications, do you still get asked for tax advice?

Whether it is your organization's external branding, the branding of your internal audit shop within your organization, or the branding of your chosen profession as viewed by your family and friends, I encourage you to give some thought to the value of your brand. How is it that you want to be seen, and is that consistent with the image from the perspective of your stakeholders? If you find some differences, it might just be time for rebranding. 

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