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First Day of School​

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​My three-year-old recently began a new school year. It was kind of a big deal in our house as he was moving from the two-year-old class to the three-year-old class. In his school, that means he is now upstairs with the "big kids" and gets to do fun things like going on field trips and attending chapel.

As a parent, it is understandable that I am experiencing a range of emotions knowing that my little boy is now a "big kid" (as he calls himself). However, as a professional, I've been thinking a lot about the excitement and anxiety that comes with the first day of a new school year and how I might be able to translate that into my job.

Think back to your childhood and all that getting ready for the first day of school entailed: ensuring that you had the necessary clothes/uniform for school; purchasing all of the necessary supplies required for your grade level; and getting a good night's sleep the night before the first day of school. For me, there was a mix of anticipation as well as nervous energy, thinking about all of the possibilities that the new school year might bring. This often led me to start the year with a renewed focus and attention on doing well in school and achieving my goals for the year (whether that be getting all A's on my report card, making the team, or learning to play an instrument). 

As I reflect on this from the standpoint of a professional, I've decided to take the same approach to my career over the coming weeks as I did as a child getting ready for the first day of school. As my little boy deals with the newness and excitement of all that this year will involve for him, I'm also taking a refreshed focus on my career, thinking about the things I want to accomplish over the coming months and ensuring that I put forth the necessary preparation to fully achieve those goals.

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