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Internal Auditor Magazine Writing Awards

Internal Auditor magazine annually recognizes contributions to the internal audit profession made through writing for the magazine.

Ted Keys Award

The Ted Keys Award — named in honor of the late Elmer Theodore Keys, Jr., a long-time regular writer for an Internal Auditor magazine department — is presented each year for the most outstanding article submitted to one of the magazine’s departments. Winning articles are selected for outstanding quality, clear presentation of ideas, practicality, and relevance to the continuing practice of internal auditing. Learn more.

John B. Thurston Award

The Board of Directors of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) established the Thurston Award in March 1952 as a tribute to the memory of John B. Thurston, its first international president and an eminent authority in the field of internal auditing. The award is made annually to the author of that article published in Internal Auditor magazine that is voted to be the outstanding paper in the field of internal auditing. Five “Outstanding Contributor” awards are also presented each year. These awards recognize the five runners-up to the Thurston Award winner. Learn more.

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