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​I appreciate the number of people who have taken the time to visit and read my comments on governance. Quite a few have gone to the next level and shared their insights and perspectives with the community, enriching the discussion.​

Thank you all.

The posts I make here are oriented to the internal audit community, but sometimes I want to write about topics that are probably more interesting to a broader audience. For example, the latest edition of the ISACA Journal includes an article on how to select software for GRC. It has a lot of good guidance, and I want to share the good — and expand where I think it could have gone further.

Also, from time to time, something excites my passions for internal auditing, risk management, or governance, and I need to rant. I don't think this is the forum, as I prefer to retain a professional tone here.

So I have created a personal blog, which is where I post these rants and other comments.

Separately, I would appreciate your suggestions on topics you would like to see covered here — or there.



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