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June 2020 Issue


Cover Story: Navigating the Crisis
Auditors can help management address short-term risks, with an eye toward what may lie farther down the road.

Working in Concert
CAEs weigh in on the types of questions audit committees could ask them to strike the right tone.

Data Protection in a GDPR World
New privacy regulations require increased data vigilance, expanding the need for internal audit’s risk and control expertise.

Building a Great Team
The IIA’s 2020–21 North American Board chair, Nancy Haig, says CAEs can take steps to ensure their internal audit functions live up to the high standards to which they’re held.

Transforming Corporate Card Audits
Several robust technologies can provide greater efficiency and insights on card transaction audits.

Adding Value 2.0
More than ever, internal audit needs to reconsider, measure, and communicate its true value to the audit committee and management.


President’s Message: Evolving to Meet Your Needs
Internal Auditor is focusing on developing and delivering timely and relevant content to you — now in digital form.

Update: Recovery Through Digitization
Research points to technology as a key driver for crisis navigation.

Back to Basics: Write Effective Audit Objectives
Well-written objectives can define a successful internal audit.

ITAudit: Eight Areas of Analytics Advancements
A survey shows internal audit functions are making progress in implementing data analytics.

Risk Watch: Assessing Risk in a Post-pandemic World
Internal audit must recalibrate its risk alignment to respond to a dramatically changed risk environment.

Fraud Findings: The Fraudulent Finance Officer
When an executive abruptly quits her job, it sets off an internal audit that uncovers her five-year fraud.

Board Perspectives: COVID-19: The Ultimate Governance Challenge
The global scope and growing duration of the coronavirus pandemic make it a formidable menace for corporate boards, management, and internal audit to address.

The Mind of Jacka: Brand Awareness
Among clients, is your audit function top of mind as an enabler of success?

Eye on Business: Home Work
Agility is key in both remote work and the new normal following the pandemic.

In My Opinion: Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees
Auditors who focus on findings misunderstand the purpose of their work.

June 2020 Issue

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