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​CEO Message: Envisioning the Next 80 Years

As a professional association, we are obligated to our members to provide vision, mission, and leadership that will keep the profession growing and vibrant into the 22nd century.

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​This month, The IIA celebrates its 80th anniversary as the internal audit profession's principal advocate, educator, and provider of standards, guidance, and certifications. It's probably safe to assume that those who gathered in December 1941 to create a professional association for internal auditors could not have imagined the complexity of today's risks: those associated with cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ESG, and so much more.

Milestones such as these typically lead to discussions about the journey that brought us to where we are today. But our task is to consider where we might be 80 years from now. As a professional association, we are obligated to our members to provide vision, mission, and leadership that will keep the profession growing and vibrant into the 22nd century.

In a previous CEO Message, I introduced readers to our new strategic plan. That plan is now in place and the basis of the work The IIA does at global headquarters and around the world. It is designed to drive innovation, be sustainable, and increase value to members and the profession while serving the public good. It is built with a keen understanding of the ongoing shift to a talent-driven economy and evolving generational preferences shaped by technology, disruption, and innovation. 

We hope our strategic vision is motivating and inspiring, but meeting the challenges of a complex and volatile marketplace takes more than that. We also must understand the strategic drivers that influence the profession and association management generally. These drivers include those that shape the profession's future workforce, the ability to embrace disruption, and calculated efforts to direct how the profession is viewed by our 112 affiliates, stakeholders, and the general public.

The IIA must craft a reimagined business model that is sustainable yet nimble enough to respond to rapidly changing, unpredictable, and evolving market demands. This includes building an agile organization that reacts well to market volatility and fluctuations.

In short, we must evolve The IIA for the next 80 years of success.

"The IIA at 80" shares valuable insights from internal audit leaders from around the world. I hope you'll consider their views about the current state of the profession as well as what they see for its future. After you do, I urge you to imagine the profession in 20 years on The IIA's 100th anniversary. Consider the potentially profound changes we will see in society, the environment, the economy, and governments. Then consider that there will be, inevitably, technological advances that rewrite and rewire how we think about many things. Then ask yourself, "What can I do today to prepare myself, my audit function, my organization, and my profession for that future?"

Anthony Pugliese
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Anthony PuglieseAnthony Pugliese<p>​Anthony Pugliese, CIA, CGMA, CITP, CPA, is president and CEO of The IIA in Lake Mary, Fla.<br></p>


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