​GAM 2019: Innovations and Impact

An award-winning futurist shares insights on potentially impactful innovations that lie ahead.

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​Shivvy Jervis, an award-winning innovation futurist, advisor, and broadcaster, opened GAM 2019 with her session, Future Innovations With Big Impact: What's Leading the Charge?

Jervis told the audience futurism is "not about wild guess work or lofty claims." Rather, it is rooted in rigorous research, and humanity must be a part of the equation. "Technology is dead in the water if it doesn't augment human experiences," she noted.

Jervis said there have been three striking shifts in innovation: 

  • New advances engineering our needs in a built stage vs. retrofit.
  • Radical customization and hyper personalization.
  • Software focused on preempting consumer/client needs.

Jervis discussed a series of areas highlighting the current and future state of innovations.

Emotive AI: matches computational ability of advanced algorithms with interfaces that read and respond to human emotion. Meet the digital human — already being used in organizations. The user activates the avatar from a device. It perceives and acknowledges the user's mood. The user asks for the information he or she needs. The digital human mines its database and finds the information rapidly. Jervis says it is an always-on customer service tool. 

Data Science: More powerful than traditional analytics, predictive analytic tools sort through data to predict trends. Users who aren't finding the value in these tools either aren't asking the right questions or need more advanced tools, Jervis said.

Mixed Reality: experiences or visualizations. Physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. The next generation of mixed reality will infuse actual touch in a virtual world. Mixed reality is already being used in defense planning and soldier training, improving surgical outcomes, engineering, and manufacturing. 

Immersive Reality: bringing collateral to life. Physical surfaces around consumers will be hives of content, she explained.

Digital Identity: According to Jervis, 3.3 billion records were stolen last year, with 42 percent of security breaches stemming from within the organization. Fingerprints and facial ID can already be hacked, she explained, adding that organizations are shifting from first-generation identity security to second-generation biometrics. So what are these new biometrics?

  • Vein or vascular ID — subdermal vein patterns under skin (vs. fingerprinting).
  • Heartbeat ID or cardiac biometrics — everyone has a unique heartbeat pattern.

"In the future, might we need just one portable sensor that can always prove our identity?" Jervis asked the audience. She said we will likely see that type of sensor first in the B2B sector, and then it will roll out to consumers.  

So how should organizations approach innovation? Jervis says: 

  • Bring in the mavericks.
  • Celebrate failure.
  • Make it inclusive (bet on people, not just strategies and blueprint innovation across organization).
  • Don't forget about brand perception.
  • Be nimble and agile. 

Jervis ended her session with some examples of jobs of the future: 

  • Head of organizational disruption.
  • Tech ethicist.
  • Head of immersive workplace.
  • Space physician.
  • Chief trust officer.
  • Robot–human interaction counsellor.

"We simply want a future that works," she concluded. 

Anne Millage
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