Audit Never Sleeps Never Sleeps<p>​IIA Global Chairman of the Board Angela Witzany says internal audit’s ability to remain relevant hinges on ceaseless attention to the priorities of the organization <br>it serves.</p>Angela Witzany02052



Integrating Key Risk and Performance Indicators Key Risk and Performance Indicators<p>​Internal audit can leverage its risk knowledge to improve operational performance and reduce risk exposure.</p>Larry L. Baker12175
Collaborative Risk Management Risk Management <p>​As organizations consolidate their risk processes, internal audit may not be able to continue to stand alone.<br></p>Dan Clayton12359



Fraud Detection Failure Detection Failure<p>​Auditors should go beyond the financial statements to look more closely at red flags that may indicate fraud.</p>Art Stewart0858
Yellow Card for Youth Sports Card for Youth Sports<p>​A rash of fraud in local youth sports organizations points to a need for nonprofits to become fraud-savvy.</p>Art Stewart0544



Make the Most of Assurance the Most of Assurance<p>​Assurance maps can enable internal audit to team with other assurance providers to visually convey how risk is managed.</p>1
Cyber Resilience Resilience<p>​Internal audit should work collaboratively and proactively to address breaches and build resistance to future attacks. </p>1
Driving Innovation Innovation<p>​The Internet of Things may change the way governments operate, says Dan Hoffman, chief innovation officer for the Innovation Program in Montgomery Co., Md.</p>0



Editor's Note: What the Future Holds's Note: What the Future Holds<p>​Managing Editor David Salierno talks about the recent advancements and future of technology.<br></p>David Salierno0773
The Opportunity of Things Opportunity of Things<p><span style="color:#666666;">Are boards and management overlooking the commercial advantages of embracing the Internet of Things?  </span><span style="color:#666666;">​</span></p>Neil Hodge1602



Canary in the Organizational Coal Mine in the Organizational Coal Mine<p>​<span class="s1">Internal audit serves as a key warning indicator, but only when stakeholders truly appreciate its value.</span></p>Mike Jacka1720
Communicating Results Results<p>​Sharing audit observations is one of the most important tasks auditors perform.<br></p>JJ Jenkins11093




Productivity Tips Part 2 – Time Management Tips Part 2 – Time Management<p>​Managing tasks and commitments each day can boost personal productivity for busy internal auditors.</p>Laura Soileau0419



Signs of a failing board of a failing board<p>​What are some of the signs of a failing board. This post discusses some identified by governance experts, David and Debra Brown.</p>Norman Marks0



You Need a Break Need a Break<p>We all know that we have to find respite from the daily grind. But how often do we really step away?</p>Mike Jacka0

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