Navigating the Crisis the Crisis<p>​Auditors can help management address short-term risks, with an eye toward what may lie farther down the road.<br></p>Arthur Piper1



Assessing Risk in a Post-pandemic World Risk in a Post-pandemic World<p>​Internal audit must recalibrate its risk alignment to respond to a dramatically changed risk environment.<br></p>Rick Wright1
A Rational Mindset Rational Mindset<p>​Risks, like snakes, are often viewed as threats, despite their potential benefits.<br></p>Rick Wright1



Police Entangled in Tow-truck Kickbacks Entangled in Tow-truck Kickbacks<p>​Law enforcement agencies need strong ethics policies and procedures to deter officers from cashing in on corruption.</p>Art Stewart0
Breaking Down the Fraud Policy Down the Fraud Policy<p>​Internal auditors need to be involved in, and understand, the organization’s fraud detection and prevention efforts.<br></p>Chris Errington1



​COVID-19 Newswire​COVID-19 Newswire<p>The latest news headlines about the pandemic and its impact on employees, organizations, and governments.<br></p>0
President's Message: Evolving to Meet Your Needs's Message: Evolving to Meet Your Needs<p><span style="color:#666666;"><em>Internal Auditor</em> is focusing on developing and delivering timely and relevant content to you <span style="color:#666666;">— now in digital form.</span></span><br></p>0
Update: Recovery Through Digitization Recovery Through Digitization<p>​Research points to technology as a key driver for crisis navigation.<br></p>0



The Virtual Audit Virtual Audit<div>Managing remote engagements requires close attention to logistics and careful consideration of stakeholder needs. <br></div>Wade Cassels1
The Analytics Journey: Analytics Development Analytics Journey: Analytics Development<p>​A consistent approach facilitates communication and the chances of dependable results.</p>Francisco Aristiguieta0



Divided Board Loyalties Board Loyalties<p>​Internal audit independence can suffer when board directors’ priorities are split in two.<br></p>Aysha Al Shamsi1
Three Rules to Audit By Rules to Audit By<p>​Practitioners should keep in mind these key recommendations for audit success.<br></p>Mike Jacka1




Independent Federal IGs Are Essential to Effectiveness and Integrity Federal IGs Are Essential to Effectiveness and Integrity<p>​Leaders in both the White House and on Capitol Hill should be unified in supporting IGs and their independent, unrestrained pursuit of government accountability.<br></p>Richard Chambers0



Putting Those Bots to Work Those Bots to Work<p>​Some simple ideas on how internal audit might use bots and RPA.<br></p>Mike Jacka0



How Are You Pivoting? Are You Pivoting?<p>​Remote work requires internal auditors to be flexible and quick to change course with priorities and efforts.<br></p>Laura Soileau0

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