The Responsible Organization Responsible Organization<p>​As investors focus on ESG reporting, there is opportunity for internal auditors to get involved and provide assurance.</p>Neil Hodge1



Auditing Culture: Familiar Techniques Culture: Familiar Techniques<p>​There's no need to reinvent the wheel — a combination of tried and true methods can go a long way on culture audits.<br></p>James Roth0
Risk in Session in Session<p>​CAEs and audit committees can use executive sessions to enhance the organization’s risk culture.<br></p>Sarah Duckwitz1



The Fraud Behind the Flags Fraud Behind the Flags<p>​A chief operating officer hid her multimillion-dollar scheme behind a cost-savings initiative.<br></p>Bryant Richards1
Building Scheme Is No Big Hit Scheme Is No Big Hit<p>​Construction fraud is one of the costliest frauds, and developers and contractors can be both perpetrators and victims.</p>Art Stewart0



​COVID-19 Newswire​COVID-19 Newswire<p>The latest news headlines about the pandemic and its impact on employees, organizations, and governments.<br></p>0
Editor's Note: The Responsible Internal Auditor's Note: The Responsible Internal Auditor<p>​<span><span>​Who stands out among the up-and-coming auditors who are making a difference in the profession?</span></span></p>0
Update: The Pressure of Pandemics The Pressure of Pandemics<p>​During an outbreak, internal audit should focus on stronger controls, says Business Continuity Management Institute President Moh Heng Goh. </p>0



Balancing Transformation and Security Transformation and Security<p>​Boards, business units, and cybersecurity functions aren't all on the same page about protecting the organization's digital initiatives. </p>Tim McCollum0
Auditing the Bots the Bots<p>​To realize the benefits of robotic process automation, internal audit needs to help the business address the risks.</p>Chris Denver1



My First Audit Committee Meeting First Audit Committee Meeting<p>A veteran practitioner shares lessons learned from his first time in the hot seat fielding questions from committee members.<br></p>Steve Mar1
Forming Today’s Internal Audit Function Today’s Internal Audit Function<p>Audit leaders must make sure their teams have the right skills to serve their organizations effectively. <br></p>Russell A. Jackson1




Initial Pandemic Responses Didn't Leverage Internal Audit Pandemic Responses Didn't Leverage Internal Audit<p>A new IIA Quick Poll provides a decidedly mixed picture of audit's role in organizations' response to COVID-19.<br></p>Richard Chambers0



Overcoming Isolation and Loneliness During the Coronavirus Lockdown Isolation and Loneliness During the Coronavirus Lockdown<p>Organizational leaders can do a lot to help their employees adjust during this "new normal."<br></p>Jim Pelletier0



A 40-foot-long Snake and Other Adventures in Remote Working 40-foot-long Snake and Other Adventures in Remote Working<p>​In a time of "stay at home" orders, internal auditors are trying to figure out how to get things done among their new "co-workers."<br></p>Laura Soileau0

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