The Disruption Imperative Disruption Imperative<p>​<span style="color:#666666;">To help raise the bar on innovation, internal auditors can work with stakeholders to nurture opportunities for disruption and manage the risks of falling behind.</span><br></p>Neil Hodge1



The Journey to Net-zero Emissions Journey to Net-zero Emissions<p>​Organizations may not have all of the answers on how to address climate risk, but they do understand that transformation is needed.<br></p>Staff1
Are Audit Committees at the Bursting Point? Audit Committees at the Bursting Point?<p>​Given the plethora of new risks, it may be time for boards to consider workload.<br></p>Matt Kelly1



Where Were the Internal Auditors? Were the Internal Auditors?<p>​When it comes to managing fraud risk, practitioners need to make their presence known.<br></p>Mohamad Kaissi1
The Lucrative Library Fraud Lucrative Library Fraud<p>Auditors uncover a city employee’s 12-year scam to buy, steal, and resell printer toner for profit.<br></p>Michael Yamma1



Protecting Against Cognitive Bias Against Cognitive Bias<p>​Many forms of bias can lead internal auditors to the wrong conclusions during risk assessments.<br></p>1
Newswire<p>The latest news headlines on issues and developments affecting the internal audit profession.<br></p>0
Update: Audit's Pulse Is Strong Audit's Pulse Is Strong<p>​COVID-19 looms large, but audit leaders see encouraging signs, report finds.<br></p>1



Cybersecurity in the Public Sector in the Public Sector<p>Numerous standards, frameworks, and risk assessment tools are available to U.S. public sector auditors seeking to provide cybersecurity-related assurance. <br></p>Bernice M. Lemaire-Harvey1
The Analytics Journey: The Good Analytic Analytics Journey: The Good Analytic<p>​A team of internal auditors and stakeholders is the final puzzle piece to a successful analytics program.<br></p>Francisco Aristiguieta1



Putting the Auditors First the Auditors First<p>Audit functions should acknowledge and appreciate their No. 1 asset.<br></p>Mike Jacka1
Flowchart Basics Basics<p>This evolving tool can help internal auditors better understand processes and provide more useful recommendations for improvement.<br></p>David Dominquez1

Your Voices​
#IAm Mike Padilla

An auditor's love and knowledge of craft beer serves up his newest certification.



Micro-measuring Success SuccessWhen we measure success, we have to know why we measure and what we will do with the resulting information.Mike Jacka0

​​Building a Better Auditor: Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Elevate Internal Audit's Influence

​Cloud technology and acquiring new skills can prepare internal auditors for the new risk environment awaiting after the pandemic.

On the Frontlines: Can Agile Unleash Internal Auditors' Potential?

​Three tips for internal audit's next analytic program quality assurance review.



Micro-measuring Success Success<p>When we measure success, we have to know why we measure and what we will do with the resulting information.<br></p>Mike Jacka0



How Are You Pivoting? Are You Pivoting?<p>​Remote work requires internal auditors to be flexible and quick to change course with priorities and efforts.<br></p>Laura Soileau0





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Thanks, We Already Know That, We Already Know ThatMike Jacka0
U.S. SEC: Environmental, Social, and Governance Risks Better Be on Your Radar SEC: Environmental, Social, and Governance Risks Better Be on Your RadarRichard Chambers0
Six Data Privacy Predictions for 2020 Data Privacy Predictions for 2020Jim Pelletier0
Public Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19 Servants Are Vital to Defeating COVID-19Richard Chambers0